Legal Solutions is a sole law firm in Poland providing legal services for Poles residing abroad who left unfinished matters at their homeland and offering comprehensive legal support within all kinds of investments as well.

Many people decided to departure has still pending cases, but are not able to bring them to the end. It also entails time disposal, travelling expenses and emotions inherent to the trial.
Legal Solutions supports those who are willing to invest in Poland. In order to invest savings, it is essential to posses knowledge of the local market, verify business entities liability and estimate the legal risk.

Our law firm caters for those problems. We can comprehensively care of your case, conduct all formalities, while you can stop be concerned about conclusion. We have learned from our experience that each case is different and every Client is special. We can guarantee reliability and professionalism that can be seen in effectiveness of our actions.


We offer legal advice in many fields of law for individual and business Clients as well. Legal Solutions are experienced and qualified Advocates, Legal Counselors and Lawyers who render services in the range of :

  • family and inheritance cases
  • property disputes
  • receivables reclaims and help for indebted
  • criminal cases

For business Clients we provide legal help within all kinds of investments, establishing business and checking business transparency as well in order to ensure legal certainty of transaction.


The aim of Legal Solutions team is to bring the case to the end, beneficially for our Client as promptly as possible and our goal regarding business Clients is to lead to effective multiplication of savings.

We arrive to you, provide legal advice, discuss a problem together, develop strategy of action and also represent our Client during the case including legal representation before polish jurisdiction entities and courts.

Commitment of our team and proper communication allows to solve lasting problems comfortably to our Client without absorbing his time and to mitigate costs in the same time.



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Family matters

Legal service render by Legal Solutions includes all matters connected with family legal relationship within non-material as well as material nature.


We provide comprehensive help in the matter of inheritance. Legal Solutions render service within individual legal advice as well as conducting trial proceedings.

Property disputes

Legal Solutions offers conducting matters of disputes on the pre-trial stage as well as during litigation and executive proceedings. In the regard of pre-trial phase our services concerns:

Criminal cases

Criminal and economic criminal cases are law fields of great importance in Legal Solutions activity. Our Clients can receive comprehensive help in respect of:

Recovery of receivables

Legal Solutions team conducts entire eviction of receivables involving amicable settlement of a dispute by written agreement or notarial agreement such as:


We provide professional legal support, effective negotiations and prevention of commencing executive proceedings.

Polish real estate market investments

Legal Solutions helps to find proper investment, estimates legal risk and renders legal support at each state of investment.

Verifying business entities liability

Legal Solutions team gives assistance in legal assessment and business entities liability estimation.

Engaging in business activity

Legal Solutions offers support and guidance through establishing capital company process.

Other investments

Legal Solutions guarantee comprehensive legal guidance with all range of investments.

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Anna Kasolik
Anna Kasolik
Gabriela Pawlus-Łapa
Gabriela Pawlus-Łapa
Konrad Kłaput
Konrad Kłaput
Marek Grzyb
Marek Grzyb
Trainee advocate
Karolina Olanin
Karolina Olanin
Trainee advocate
Katarzyna Adamczyk
Katarzyna Adamczyk
Trainee advocate













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