Legal service render by Legal Solutions includes all matters connected with family legal relationship within non-material as well as material nature. Our Clients can receive support in the range of:


Divorces and separations

We represent our Clients during divorce trials in case of absolute and permanent married life decay. Depending on our Clients expectations we reinforce the need of establishing fault of marriage bonds decay or we put pressure on effectiveness and efficiency in obtaining court divorce decree.

Within pursued divorce and separation cases Legal Solutions team undertake following actions:

  • gathering documentation essential for divorce proceedings, preparing a petition for divorce
  • pursuing fault divorce cases or non-fault divorce
  • legal representation in each stage of court proceedings on divorce
  • pursuing separation cases with consent of both parties as well as on one spouse demand
  • legal representation during alimony awarding proceedings for the benefit of spouse or in order to satisfy family living needs or else entitled one’s

We also conduct matrimonial financial claims that is cases concerning separation of matrimonial assets by court decree or by drafting financial agreement as well as cases connected with dividing matrimonial assets after cancellation of conjugal community. Within our legal services your attorney will:

  • present you different methods of matrimonial assets division
  • supervise mutual settlement between marriage couple
  • make a petition of matrimonial assets division and represent during jurisdiction proceedings
  • conduct proceedings in order to obtain exclusive ownership of demanded assets
  • take actions leading to settle unequal shares in fortune of divorced (usually shares should be equal, but in some exceptional cases court can determine them unequally)
  • calculate outlays with the use of personal property for the benefit of matrimonial assets or outlays with the use of matrimonial assets for the benefit of spouses personal property
  • prolong shares repayment duty up to ten years
  • prepare draft of the notarial matrimonial assets division

There are more cases related to concubinage settlements nowadays. Within that matter, Legal Solutions provide comprehensive legal advice in order to regulate assets division between cohabitants such as: drafting civil law partnership contract or implementing fractional joint ownership.

Relations between parents and their children

Bearing in mind strong emotional bond between children and their parents within representation of our Clients we devote our attention to settle relation between parents and their children regarding what is best for them. We render services in the matter child arrangements order such as: parental authority, children residence, contacts or children maintenance.

Legal Solutions services:

  • legal representation during proceedings in regard to enforce minor/adult child maintenance
  • support in the matter of contact arrangements (during and after divorce), limitation of contacts or depriving parent of contacts
  • determination, restoration or limitation of custody rights
  • conducting proceeding connected with establishing child’s parentage or parentage denial