Legal Solutions offers conducting matters of disputes on the pre-trial stage as well as during litigation and executive proceedings.

In the regard of pre-trial phase our services concerns:

  • preparing legal opinion in order to estimate trial result
  • negotiations with opposite party leading to vantage of our Client, concluding settlement and drafting agreement
  • summoning opposite party for payment and monitoring performing the obligation

In the regard of litigation our services concerns:

  • comprehensive legal representation during trial proceedings and proceedings to secure claims before district, regional or appeal courts within entire territory of Poland as well as before Supreme Court
  • lawsuit and petition preparation or undertaking procedural defense through replay to the statement of a claim, objection to court order of payment or default judgment
  • preparation and lodging means of appeal such as plaints, appeals as well as replays to opposite party appeals
  • preparation of appeal to the Supreme Court and legal representation in proceedings before the Supreme Court
  • legal advice and representation in registration proceedings

Furthermore Legal Solution team can prepare or provide opinion on a civil contracts drafts such as sales agreement, tenancy agreement, lease agreement, land contract, contract for specified service, contract of specified work, loan agreement and agency agreement.

We conduct proceedings in the matter of payment claims, unjust enrichment, compensation and remedy claims for traffic accidents, accidents at work, clinical negligence as well as regarding determination of legal relationship or right existence, misperformance of agreement.

We also render services in the area of property law. Legal Solutions resolve disputes among neighbours, conducts proceedings on acquisitive prescription or prepares ground servitude agreements or use of real property contracts.