How does establish of cooperation look like and its further conducting?
ALegal Solutions offers constant email and phone contact with our staff.
Is my arrival to Poland necessary in order to commission conducting my case?
ANo, our firm provides lawyer’s arrival to London by prior arrangement. We also kindly invite you to visit Legal Solutions main office in Cracow in case your presence in Poland.
Will I have possibility to meet and talk with my attorney?
AYes, in London and Cracow as well.
Will my case be handled by professional lawyers?
AYes, we guarantee conducting your case by professional team of attorneys with many years experience.
Can I expect reckoning in transparent manner?
AOf course you can. All reckoning matters for commission your case will be presented within first conversation or meeting by prior issue analysis.
How much does the initial legal advice cost?
AFirst legal advice cost 60 £.
What services can I expect?
ALegal Solutions offers comprehensive legal advice in the matter of legal cases in Poland, preparing procedural writ, participation in negotiations and mediation, legal representation during juridical and administrative proceedings in Poland.
Do you handle criminal cases?
AYes, we are well experienced in conducting criminal cases. Even though it regards European Arrest Warrant ( EAW), our Client will receive comprehensive legal help.
Do you handle family law matters?
AYes, wide experience in conducting family law matters allow us to render professional legal advice and handle cases in Poland in the range of alimony, divorces and those connected with minor children as well.
How much is the typical court fee in Poland?
ALegal service cost and court fee have to be distinguished. Paying a court fee is necessary in order to commence a trial. There are various court fees regulated by the law.

For exemple:

  • inheritance cases – acquisition of inheritance – 50 zł
  • division of the inherited estate – 500 zł
  • family matters – divorce – 600 zł
  • family matters – separation – 600 zł
  • family matters regarding minor children (contacts, parental custody rights) – 40 zł